How To Improve Your Polaris RZR Audio

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If you’re looking to get better audio for your Polaris RZR, you need to find speakers that are of the highest quality. Why won’t the basic ones cut it? Well, not all speakers are created equally. Some might produce superior sound, but they won’t last against the elements when you go on a sandy or muddy adventure. Only the best Polaris RZR speakers will meet the criteria listed below.


High-quality Polaris RZR speakers are put through the most intense environmental testing possible. The company wants to make sure it can withstand any terrain and any circumstances, no matter how rough. They vet the speakers with sand, dirt, rain, wind, and other debris. They want to ensure that you’re not only getting the best sound, but also a long-lasting product.

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If you want the nicest RZR speakers, you want ones built with the best materials available. Most companies shy away from using certain materials because they are too expensive or more difficult to manipulate in the manufacturing process. There are only a select few companies who promise to deliver top-notch sound, reliability, and longevity, even if that means a few more hurdles on the back end.

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Cabin Space

Some speaker brands can deliver booming sound, but it comes with a cost. Their solution is to make bigger speakers, but that means you’re losing valuable cabin space. Not every kit is like this, though. The ones you want will not only be easy to install, but they will also fit in the existing speaker spaces. No sacrifices on space.

The bottom line is that some companies who produce speakers ask you to make sacrifices for upgrading your speakers. That might mean giving up space in the cabin, or perhaps it means they’ll only last a few years. Make sure to do enough research to find 5-star speakers to give you the most value for your money and the greatest driving experience.


What Are the Best Ways to Upgrade Your Polaris RZR?

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Your new Polaris RZR is ready to roll on your first adventure, but before you take her out, she needs a few upgrades. You need to make this adventurer your own. There are hundreds of parts and accessories out there, so it can be a bit difficult to choose what’s right for you. That’s why we’re here to help. Use this guide to buy your best accessories for your new Polaris RZR.


What kind of expedition would it be if you can’t ride with your favorite jams? Find the best RZR speakers that will do your playlist justice. The best Polaris RZR speakers will be part of an audio kit, meaning you can choose the price and products that are right for you. For the ultimate sound experience, we’d have to go with the Rockford Fosgate RZR-Stage5 Polaris RZR speakers. The quality is unparalleled, and the products will stand up to the roughest conditions. Plus, you will get incredible volume and clarity. Consider upgrading the stereo for more connectivity via Bluetooth.


Panoramic rear view mirrors are your best friend for multiple rider adventures. Never lose sight of other drivers with extra wide angle mirrors. Those made for your Polaris RZR are shatterproof as well.


Give your Polaris RZR your own flavor with a colored wrap. Recoloring your ride with a wrap is an affordable option, even for older models or those that have gone through sand, mud, and water. Alternately, stickers and decals can give your Polaris RZR a unique touch.

Anti-Theft Devices

If you’re considering adding any extras to your ride, it’s also a good idea to consider security measures. For instance, an anti-theft shift lock will make it more difficult for someone with sticky fingers to take off with your ride. After all, you’re making an already stunning model even more desirable. Invest in some security measures, so no one steals it.